An inequitable property tax assessment, left unchallenged, can remain in effect for years, resulting in a significant expenditure that will continue to accumulate over time. Don't be fooled by a low assessed value on your property tax bill. Don't let assessing ratios and equalization factoes cloud the issue. Without knowing it, you could still be paying more than your fair share of property taxes.

How do I know if my property is over assessed?

While any property can be overvalued properties that have a higher probability of being over-assessed include:

  • Any property not appealed in the last 2-3 years
  • Properties that experience economic problems (i.e. idle capacity, declining rentals, increasing vacancy, etc)
  • A recent sale or purchase
  • New construction
  • Properties that have polluted or contaminated soils
  • Properties that are part of a declining market
  • Properties in a municipality that has gone through a revaluation
  • Older industrial properties

How do I stop paying more than my fair share of tax?

At no cost to you, MJI Consulting will perform a review and analysis of your property tax obligations.

We can quickly analyze all types of properties regardless of location.

Once our analysis is complete, we can determing if a property tax appeal is warranted. MJI Consulting will handle all filing requirements, appraisals, and negotiations necessary to obtain a reduction.

Our pricing structure can be tailored to meet your objectives. Our fee options include performance based, time and expense, flat fee, or a combination.

Let us help you stop pouring profits down the drain. MJI Consulting has extensive experience in commercial and industrial property tax appeal work. We have negotiated property tax assessment reductions that have produced multi-millions in tax savings throughout Connecticut and New York State.