The appeal process includes 3 phases: (Analysis, Case Preparation, and Appeal).


Assessment Analysis - MJI Consulting analyzes all assessment data available from taxing and appraisal authorities for accuracy and completeness on each property.

Market Value Analysis - each property is thoroughly analyzed using appropriate appraisal methodology. Additionally, each property is analyzed for potential value reduction adjustments that may be allowable or justifiable as a result of technical, functional, or economic obsolescence and/or circumstances. Properties are also analyzed in comparison to similar properties to ensure fairness and equity in their valuation by authorities.

Case Preparation

MJI Consulting will contact the assessor for each of the properties selected. We will prepare, accumulate and present to the assessor appraisal reports, comparable market data and other pertinent information that will support our value determinations. If we are able to reach an agreement with the assessor the savings will be reflected on your next tax bill. If settlement cannot be reached at this stage, we will proceed with your approval to the final formal phase of the appeal process.


Should we mutually agree the assessed value of your property is excessive or incorrect, MJI Consulting will prepare an assessment grievance to establish your rights under the appeal process. The grievance can be filed only once per year. After filing, the municipality will schedule a meeting with an independent Board of Assessment Review. At this time we will present appraisal reports, comparable market data, and other pertinent information that supports the request for a lower assessment. If the review board denies the request for a lower assessment, you may then consider filing a legal appeal and continuing the challenge. Our experience reflects that the filing of a legal appeal often prompts the municipality to an out-of-court settlement. Every attempt is made during this phase to settle the mater before trial. If the matter does make it to trial, a judge will decide the outcome in New York State Supreme Court.